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Hillegosser Hof
Bed & Breakfast - 2 Star Superior

Information regarding the use of our internet access

Dear Guest, In order to make the use of our Internet access as uncomplicated and secure as possible, we request that you comply with the following basic rules:

I. Preferably use a browser with 128 bit ssl encryption

The current versions of the modern browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Opera) are designed to work with this standard.

II. Protect your pc with current virus protection programs and a firewall

Install virus protection software on your PC and update this regularly. Make sure that your computer is devoid of viruses, worms and Trojans/backdoors. We recommend that you equip your computer with firewall and anti-spy software and that this be regularly updated. Please take note that we only provide Internet access which, however, has no virus protection and no firewall.

III. Keep your system software up to date

Install the respective Updates and Patches for the system software of your PC promptly and regularly.

IV. Protect your data also in case of loss of your computer

You should secure your PC and the important data stored on it with passwords. These should be changed regularly. Do not store the passwords on your hard drive. Allow your computer to be used only by persons you trust. We recommend that you regularly create a backup of your data.

V. Restart your browser in case of connection errors

In cases of the occurrence of connection errors, quit the browser and restart it. Make sure that your respective passwords have been entered correctly. Please close your browser at the end of the Internet session.

VI. Be careful with unknown files or e-mail attachments

Do not open any files which are of unknown origin or files which you have not requested.

VII. Do not visit any websites with content offending criminal law

This applies, in particular, for sites with content of incitement to ethnic or racial hatred or child pornography, sites which induce criminal offences or glorify or trivialize violence or which are likely to expose children or young people to serious moral danger.

VIII. Do not participate in dubious or illegal file-sharing-systems

Note that, with the downloading or uploading of files, in particular, music, films or pictures, these can be protected by copyright. The infringement of such copyrights, among other things, can trigger substantial damage claims against you.

IX. Availability, suitability or reliability of the internet access

We make no warranty for the actual availability, suitability or reliability of the Internet access for any purpose.

X. Limitation of liability

We assume no liability for any damage to your PC which occurs as a result of the use of the Internet. Exempted from this is damage to which we contributed to intentionally or through gross negligence. In particular, we assume no liability for the content of accessed websites or downloaded files. Furthermore, we also assume no liability for any virus infection brought about through use of the Internet access.

XI. Indemnity against liability

We shall be indemnified against all claims of third parties if our Internet access is used by you illegally, in particular, if you have culpably disregarded the aforesaid information.

XII. Data protection

Insofar as we collect your data within the framework of the use of the Internet through our Internet access, such shall of course be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

XIII. Cases of violation of the user instructions

Insofar as you violate these user instructions or we have a respective suspicion hereof, we shall have no alternative other than to restrict or suspend your Internet access. We assume no liability in the event that you should lose data hereby.

XIV. Other information

The use of the Internet access is limited to the duration of your stay in the hotel. The use occurs by entry of a password. This password may not be further transferred to third parties. If you have any questions or problems with the Internet access, our reception will be glad to assist you further.

Accepted Payments
Cash payment
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VISA and Eurocard
Rechnung á conto Firma, bei vorliegender Kostenübernahme
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